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Best Ways to Handle Missing Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend and even part of the family. If you are dog owner, it is your job to ensure that your dog gets the best care they deserve while also bring them to a vet. If in case you find your dog infested with fleas or ticks, make sure that you immediately apply PetAction products. But, despite the care we have for our dogs, we cannot control their entire movements, thus, losing them somehow.

Dogs are proactive and if they get the opportunity to go out of your gate, they will do. If your dog is smart enough, they can go home on their own but if not, they may go missing. That is why if you pass by a dog that wanders around the street, take time to check on the dog because this dog might be lost. But before doing something, make sure that you carefully check your handling of the dog so that the dog will trust you and you can bring the dog home.

First reminder is that dogs are somehow dangerous when not tamed. If you want to get near a dog, you need to be very careful not to scare them away or intimidate them. By walking slowly towards them and speaking in a calm voice, they might trust you. Their initial reaction might be scared but eventually if they feel that you are a good person, they will calm down. But in case the dog barks at you in spite your taming attempts, you can ask for help from anyone who knows how to tame a dog or find a vet to help you out.

After you have tamed the dog, try to approach the dog and look for the dog’s tag that might have the owner’s details. There might be dog tags given by PetAction thus, you can visit the store and ask for the record of the dog. If no dog tag is found, there still other options for you. You can act as the dog’s temporary custodian while you find the original owner. But make sure that you check the dog’s health condition first just like flea problems. If you find fleas or ticks, you can apply PetAction flea products and then bring it to a vet.

Have a copy of the dog’s picture and bring to the PetAction store because they might know the owner. The store might be able to help you identify the owner based on their record. But if you failed to find the owner despite of the efforts you did, might as well become the new owner and still make PetAction your dog partner.