Whether for the Average Person or Competitors Like Nick Bova, Jiu-Jitsu Has a Lot to Offer

For Australian competitors like Nick Bova Jiu-Jitsu is a way of testing the limits and of achieving things that were formerly unthinkable. While the average person might not be ready to pursue the sport to such extremes, there are plenty of other excellent reasons to get started with jiu-jitsu. In fact, many regard this particular martial art as one of the most productive and rewarding of all.

An Accessible Way to Get Started with Martial Arts

Martial arts of many different kinds are often proposed as options to those who find themselves having trouble getting motivated to exercise. In some cases, though, the overly demanding or intense nature of the discipline in question can work against the underlying goal.

While striking-focused martial arts like taekwondo might have a certain appeal, for example, they can be difficult for less athletic people to get started with. Jiu-jitsu, on the other hand, typically presents a more welcoming front while also allowing advanced practitioners to push themselves however far they might want.

Many Different Benefits Delivered in a Form Most Find Fun and Enjoyable

Just as importantly, participating in jiu-jitsu at any level is an excellent way of getting in shape. Students of all levels can count on enjoying many different benefits, including improved:

  • Flexibility. The throws, grabs, holds, and locks that characterize jiu-jitsu tend to build flexibility and resilience in the bodies of those who apply or are subjected to them. Flexibility is regarded by many experts as the foundation of physical fitness, as it allows athletes to train safely and improve themselves in other ways.
  • Strength. While jiu-jitsu is meant to allow even the weakest of people to defend themselves, practicing it regularly will inevitably build power. The functional strength that results regularly turns out to be a real asset in everyday life.
  • Endurance. Above all else, jiu-jitsu endows participants with the ability to exert themselves for longer and more intensely. Even when it might look like not much is going on, jiu-jitsu students are often struggling in fitness-enhancing ways.

All these benefits and others combine to make jiu-jitsu an especially appropriate option for many people who would like to become more fit. Achieving improved fitness can be a lot easier and more enjoyable than many suppose.